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Bath Re Glazing And Restoration..

The beauty of bath re glazing is a service which restores your bath in situ with the minimum amount of fuss and disruption, compared with ripping out the old bath making good the plumbing, tiling and painting its a very cost effective solution to not having to replace your Original Cast Iron, Steel, or Acrylic bath
Below we have a Victorian plunger type roll top bath which we restored in Dover, you can see in the left hand photo this was the original enamel surface and on the right the new surface, we resurface the bath using poly-glass which is legal and compliant with stricken government volatile organic compound regulations and is a much greener an safer product for the environment, the poly glass coating is highly durable an can withstand high and low temperature changes with a hard exterior shell so it can handle knocks and scratches, with a 5 year standard warranty on all baths with the added option to extend for a further 5 years and a 2 year warranty on all our chip and crack repairs, makes bath re glazing a time saving easier and more cost effective option for you.
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The Original Enamel Bath Surface.                      The New Re Glazed Bath.
newly resurfaced bath
bath before resurfacing
Before Resurfacing.                                      After Resurfacing
bath after resurfacingbath before resurfacing
Below shows how we take great pride and care to cover all the walls, windows and floors before we start to apply the new surface which will be applied by spraying on, we then apply the 3 coats of poly glass to the bath, then after an hour or so the bath can then be polished to a very deep high gloss finish, which in turn helps to prevent the build up of lime scale and soap deposits. We recommend that the bath can not be used for up 5  hours after re glazing this is purely to allow the new silicon sealer to set properly, we have to remove the old silicon sealers from around your bath as part of the service before we begin preparing the bath for the re glazing, The whole process of preparation and re glazing should take the technician around five hours to complete,
We take great pride & pleasure in restoring these old bath's & basin's back to their former glory, so let us do all the hard work for you in half the time & half the cost.
preperation before sprayingfinished bathroom back to the way you left it with a stunning new centre piecepreperation and masking


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