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Chip and crack repairs... 

  •  Fast call out times guaranteed 
  •  1 to 2 hour turn around [email protected]
  •  100% colour match with no discolouring
  •  2 year warranty's                                       

These chips and cracks can often be cased by objects striking the bath, such as perfume glass bottles. The most common seems to be the shower head falling from the wall mount, if you see a black chip on your bath chances are the bath is made from steel, the process will take about 1 hour to complete as the technician will have to use his skill to mix and match the colour to the existing bath or basin, we can guarantee the colour to be 100% perfect with a guarantee of 2 year your bath or basin will then be ready for use within a few hours.
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We also repair chips, scratches and cracks to acrylic baths and shower trays using a range of fiberglass and gel coats, shower trays can be resurfaced in situ without all the removal hassle

chipped sink butler sinkchipped butler sink


chipped shower traychipped shower tray

 Above we repaired a large crack running along the back of the shower tray.                                              

large chip to basinlarge chip to basin                                              
crack in kidney bath caused by footcrack repaired to a kidney bath

Above is a kidney bath which was damaged buy someone slipping over in the bath ,they managed to put their foot through the side wall of the bath causing a large crack which needed to be fibre glassed on both sides, repairs as large as this are quite rare usually most typical repairs are hair line cracks caused buy, tools dropping ,shower heads falling etc, we can repair any size crack or chip on any type of material such as cast iron, acrylic steel, and porcelain   
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chipped steel bathchipped steel bathchipped steel bath

repaired chip on steel bathrepaired chip by bathrestorerepaired chips on steel bath

Above 2 large chips on a pressed steel bath caused by a falling shower head.

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Below is a chip on a toilet that was caused buy a glass bottle striking the corner edge
these again can be easily repaired ,notice how the colour match and the repair make this chip virtually invisible,you can purchase repair kits for such chips but the colour will never be spot on as white is never white on most baths their are so many different shades these repair kits are useually only 1 shade making the
repair very noticeable indeed.

chip on toilet that had glass bottle fall on it
repaired chip on toilet that has been repaired


Victorian scroll                                   
Below we have a corner bath with some unknown brown stains on the bottom, these stains appeared on the bath a few years after it was fitted. The customer told us he had someone come to polish out the stains but after a few months they appeared again.
This seemed to be a problem with the gel coating on the bath when it was manufactured
so we sanded down the marks on the bottom of the bath repaired some chips then gave the bath 4 coats of poly glass, with no signs of any marks returning the problem was corrected, note the poly glass coating for this bath had to be mixed and matched to the bath panel to get a perfect colour match.

chips and cracks on bath 

colour has been matched to frount panel 


Below are a set of basin we restored dated back to the early 1900s which were in quite a bad state with many large cracks and chips we managed to save and restore these rare Victorian sinks without removing the marble saving the customer time and money.

antique sinks set into marbleresurfaced antique sink

Victorian scroll                                   
Here we restored two basins which  were set under mounted to a marble worktop ,to save the expense of having the marble removed, and possibly damaging the marble in the process , the customer decided to repair the quite large crack instead, which in this case  was a glass aftershave bottle which in 8 out of 10  basin we repair have been chipped or cracked in the same way.a good piece of advise keep all glass bottles away and not on shelf's above your sink . 

Below we had to grind out the crack and fill with a flexible water resistant filler,  we then mixed and matched the colour on site and applied the new surface to leave a smooth high gloss finish.

resurfaced cracked sinklarge crack in sink repaired with glass fibre

cracked bathroom sinkcracked bathroom sinkcracked bathroom sink

Please feel free to call us with any inquiries you may have in regards to chips or cracks to your baths ,basins ,butler sinks toilets ,shower trays , most damage can be repaired with a little time and effort and without all the hassle of removing your bath and most of all at affordable prices.
Repair or re glazing could be the most cost effective option for you.

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