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spa jacuzzi bath before resurfacingjacuzzi spa bath before we restored to whitesilver jacuzzi spa bath

jacuzzi spa bath we resurfaced to white

side view of jacuzzi bathfinished to a high gloss standard

Bath restore can resurface your old bath , Jacuzzi, spa bath,  basin, toilet, shower tray and bidet. The entire suite back to its original colour or even change the colour completely, if maybe you have a coloured suite and your bath has lost the colour and looks whitish on the surface when dry, or feels rough and hard to clean, you might even want to change the colour to make your bathroom  more modern  or even keep the original colour, we can colour match your basin, toilet to match the bath or have the whole suite re surfaced to white or any colour of your choice.

toilet we resurfaced to white from being pinkpink toilet ready to be resurfaced to white

before basin had been resurfaced
resurfaced sink to white
resurfaced bath to whitecast iron bath in pink


victorian scroll
Below is a cast iron bath in primrose yellow, which had signs of etching, the taps had been leaking for quite some time causing deep groves out of the surface of the bath, this can also be the cause of water sitting on the surface of the bath, which over the years will create small puddles which when resurfaced again will be filled out flat again so that the water never sits on the new surface again, their was signs of bleaching when this bath was dry, you could see a white dust on the existing surface, this is caused by bleaching and cream cleaners, over cleaning and under cleaning gradually breaking down the enamel surface over the course of time, this also causes the colour to fade quite badly too.                                                     

coloured bath now matches rest of suite
outstanding shine on new surface 
colour matching bath to sink 

Here you can see how we have matched the colour of the basin so that the bath can be resurfaced to match the rest of the bathroom suite. This customer could not buy another replacement bath in the same colour or size anywhere, some of these coloured suites date back to the 80s and even as early as the 40s when they were quite fashionable and some a
Art Deco baths even earlier, this makes finding replacements very hard indeed, making resurfacing the easier option for you.
victorian scroll

Or even if you don't want to change the colour scheme in your bathroom we can mix up and match the colour to your basin or toilet then resurface your old worn out looking bath back to like new again ,here we have an avocado green bath ,this colour is getting ever more increasingly harder to find brand new and the chances of the new bath colour matching your old one can be quite slim,
Resurfacing may be the easier option for you but ask yourself why throw out a perfectly good deep large comfortable bath weather it be made from cast iron,steel or acrylic when you can simply resurface the bath for much less the cost of replacing it with a new one. 

resurfaced avocado green cast iron bathperfect match with basin an toiletbathes resurfaced to any colour of your choice 

bathrestore logo 2012 
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