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French sink restored by bathrestoretrough sink restoration by bathrestoreEdwardian high level cistern1930 basin restored by bath restore 



george jennings sinkgeorge jennings sink repaired by bathrestore Ltd


george jennings basin restored by bathrestoreGeorge jennings basin restored by bathrestore

Above is a rare George Jennings basin from the 1880s, these basins were some of the very first basins to be introduced into the home in the Victorian period, this basin was bought into us to be repaired after being damage in transit.

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Edwardian sink by bathrestoreedwardian sink by bathrestore

re glazed by bathrestorecorner sink by bathrestore

We can save the colour tone of the sink plus retain any makers marks upon the sink to keep your bathroom looking as original as it should be.

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bolding basin by bathrestoremakers marks restored by bathrestoremakers marks saved by bathrestore

Above and below we have John Bolding basins, the sink above was left out in a customers garden for over 60 years this is one of the main reasons for the heavy glazing cracks over the surface,  if your taps and waste traps are looking a bit dull  we can polish and refurbish them along with the re glazing process.

john bolding basin by bathrestoremakers marks saved by bathrestore

Some Before & After Examples Of Our Work..

Before..                                                                           & After..                                                           

Victorian basin by bathrestoreEdwardian sink restored by bathrestore

toilet re glazed by bathrestoreAntique sink restored by bathrestore

Antique toilet restored by bathrestoreVictorian toilet by bathrestore

restoration by bathrestorerestoration by bathrestore

molton sink restored by bathrestorejohn bolding sink restored by bathrestore

john bolding ondo basin restored by bathrestorebathrestore restoration

Below we have some before and after pictures of a royal Dalton Belfast
sink dating back to the 1940s  you can see the build up of lime scale that has accumulated over the years,  we remove the lime scale with an acid cleaner then all the chips and cracks are repaired ready to be resurfaced to a finish that looks as good as new again.

old royal dalton butler sink with limescale onold royal dalton butler sink 
cleaned butler sink with acid cleaner
Here you can see the result of the acid clean which has revealed all the chips and cracks that were hidden under the layer of lime scale for many years.
Below is the finished butler sink restored to a very high standard we specialise in the restoration of theses sinks along with all modern basins with pedestal and all antique sinks whatever the age or condition we can guarantee to bring your worn sink back to life.

resurfaced sink like new again 
butler sink installed


Victorian patterns
The sink shown below has signs of crack crazing this is typical of older earlier sinks, 
With in a few hours this 1930s sink has been restored back to a new clean and shiny surface.
We take pride in restoring these old antique sinks as they are becoming increasingly harder to find these days as so many people throw them out to either replace them with a modern type basin or a reproduction copy. unaware they can be saved to retain the originality of your bathroom.
BathRestore could be the most cost effective solution to your bathroom renovations.  

Before Resurfacing                             After Resurfacing
crazed cracking on 1930s sinkantique sink restored back to new by bathrestore

old sink from the 1900sresurfaced 1930s sink

We specialize and take great pride, in the restoration of these Antique damaged & worn sinks, bringing them back to new again, whatever the age or condition  ....You'll be amazed an surprised at how good your sink will look once restored.

 Victorian scroll

flutted butler sink
flutted butler sink

fluted butler sink1930 pie crust sink

This early 1920s fluted Pie Crusted Butler sink was found in a basement of an old house.
The sink was then bought into our workshop to be fully restored and re glazed.
Now the sink sits back into its original place in the kitchen were it once
stood for 75 years.

butler sink bathrestore3 Royal Dalton Butler sinks for Longworth manor
Re glazed by Bathrestore

French basin restored by bathrestoreEdwardian sink re glazed by bathrestore
Trough sink re glazed by Bathrestore

French basin restored by Bathrestore Victorian basin re glazed by bathrestoresink restored by bathrestore

Pie crust sink by Bathrestore George Jennings sink 1885 restored by Bathrestore

Butler sink by Bathrestore
John bolding ondo sink by Bathrestore

Bathrestore Re glazed by Bathrestore no need to remove marble worktopsButler sink by Bathrestore

Restored by Bathrestore Modern sink restored by Bathrestore

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